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NVTV’s Ulster-Scots archive offers a window into the vibrant Ulster-Scots community, showcasing its history, language and traditions. Our mission is to preserve and promote this rich cultural heritage through engaging broadcasts and educational resources for all to enjoy.

From historical documentaries to cultural showcases, our content provides a vivid window into the traditions, language and legacy of the Ulster-Scots community.

Welcome to NVTV’s dedicated space for Ulster-Scots programming, a vibrant hub showcasing the rich tapestry of Ulster-Scots culture and heritage.

Since 2016, NVTV has been committed to producing captivating Ulster-Scots programmes, delving deep into the community’s history, language, music and traditions.

Our commitment extends beyond television to creating a comprehensive digital archive. This archive serves as the central repository for much of the content produced across Northern Ireland and funded by Northern Ireland Screen’s Ulster-Scots Broadcast Fund. Here, enthusiasts and newcomers alike can access a wide array of digital content, ranging from documentaries to cultural showcases, ensuring the preservation and promotion of Ulster-Scots heritage for future generations, all made possible by the financial support of the Ulster-Scots Broadcast Fund.