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A Word in Yer Lug

Filmed in different locations all over Northern Ireland, ‘A Word in Yer Lug’ is a witty, yet informative look at the Ulster-Scots language.
From the Grand Opera House (or Hoose) to The Gobbins, from fishing in Lough Erne to fadge-making in Cullybackey, Liam and Jane discuss the words we use every day – and some that we don’t. Find out what a ‘wheen o piglets’ are doing at Ark Open Farm, what ‘acting the gype’ with May McFettridge means, and how to boil up a ‘boul o brochan’ on an open fire. Elsewhere in the series, Jane and Liam visit the Somme Museum and discover the Ulster-Scots words the soldiers may have used in the trenches of World War I. Over 20 short episodes, ‘A Word in Yer Lug’ is an accessible and fun introduction to Ulster-Scots, showing the richness of the language and its unique descriptive capabilities.